O Único Centro de Assistência Autorizado da Apple no Algarve


Standard Rates

Apple Certified Tech Support: €49 per hour. €149 per half day (3-5 hours).

Apple Authorised Service: Case-by-case pricing. In-store diagnosis required.

Diagnostic Fee: €29 (not applicable in warranty issues).

Training: €39 per hour, or per 2-hour classroom session.

Travel: €1/km from Newteq (Lagoa) in all cases requiring travel.

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Maintenance Agreement

Virus? Trojan? Hackers? Firewall? Software update? Firmware update?  Permissions repair? Disk repair? Backup? Time machine? Network? Safety? Security? Power surge? Insurance? Theft tracking? Data recovery? FileVault? Passwords?

Forget it. That’s our problem, not yours.

For a flat monthly fee of €49 (for up to four Apple devices) or €99 (for up to ten), we’ll take care of all the regular preventative maintenance you’re supposed to do as a responsible Apple user. You can just relax and get on with your work... or play. Sign up now and never worry about your Apple kit again.

Support Multi-Pack
Occasional: Newteq Technical support is €49 per hour but if you prepay for four hours at a time we’ll only charge you €149 - a generous saving of around 25%. That’s pretty much one hour free.
Monthly: If you pay this figure monthly by direct debit we’ll also include the Maintenance Agreement at no extra charge. (Hours can be carried over the end of the month with a one year agreement.)../en/support.html
Training Multi-Pack
Occasional: Instead of paying €39 per individual hour/class you can prepay for four hours/classes and we’ll only charge you €119 - saving you around 25%. That’s right - buy three, get one free.
Monthly: If you pay the €119 monthly in advance by direct debit we’ll grant you access to ALL evening classes for that month. That is a potential saving of around 70%!../en/training.html
Terms & Conditions. All prices include IVA. €1/km charge is automatically applicable in all cases requiring us to travel from the Newteq premises in Lagoa. The Maintenance Agreement includes routine  preventative maintenance, reports and advice only - any repairs, trouble-shooting, additional configurations or purchases are subject to normal rates. “Month” always refers to calendar month. Occasional Training Multi-Pack can be shared with another person or person. Monthly Training Multi-Pack is non-transferable and non-shareable.../en/training.html
“Russell is a brilliant teacher who makes the most basic (often boring) information interesting with his illustrating and humorous  examples. ‘Laugh while you learn’. I also yet have to present him with a technical problem he was not able to solve. Highly recommended.”
LK, Lagos

“I enjoyed your ‘Three Hour Apple Expert’ at the Penina. The venue was very comfortable, the presentation was humorous and well illustrated, the question and answer period instructive. I’m definitely more confident trying out new applications on my Mac. Much of the information was new to me and as a copy of the talk was promised I did not take copious notes. I attended with a friend and as we had a reduced rate it was very good value and both of us are keen to go to another.”
DW, Monchique../en/contact.html